I Spent $400 on the Lovevery Playshelf (Spoiler: It Might Be Overpriced!)

lovevery playshelf mom review

Lovevery’s Montessori Playshelf boasts a sleek design and a hefty price tag of $400. After incorporating it into my own Montessori-inspired playroom, here’s a look beyond the picture-perfect marketing. The Good: Stunning Looks and Top-Notch Quality There’s no denying the shelf is gorgeous. The birchwood construction feels incredibly sturdy, and the soft-close hinges are a … Read more

Is Lovevery a Scam or the Holy Grail of Montessori Play Kit? We Blow the Doors Wide Open

Montessori play kit toys by Lovevery

Lovevery. The name whispers promises of perfectly curated playtime, sparking imaginations and nurturing little geniuses – all conveniently delivered to your doorstep. But for many parents, Lovevery is shrouded in mystery. Are their subscription boxes overflowing with Montessori magic, or is it just a cleverly marketed gimmick? We’re here to crack open this question and … Read more