At Montessori Theory, Sophia Carter, the founder, is a seasoned Montessori educator with a passion for the pedagogy. Her extensive experience includes years of working directly in Montessori classrooms, coupled with academic studies in early childhood education. Sophia’s in-depth knowledge of Maria Montessori’s philosophies and her practical application in contemporary educational settings make her a credible and respected voice in the Montessori community. Her mission is to demystify Montessori education and bring its benefits to a broader audience, from parents to educators.

Emily Johnson, another key author at Montessori Theory, boasts a rich background in both child development and Montessori methodologies. Emily holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and has spent considerable time as a Montessori instructor. Her firsthand experience in the classroom provides her with practical insights into the day-to-day application of Montessori techniques. Emily’s writing often bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world classroom dynamics, offering valuable perspectives for those implementing Montessori principles in diverse educational environments.