Montessori Pink Tower Explained (Purpose, Benefits, How To Use & Exercices)

montessori pink tower

The Montessori Pink Tower is a sensorial product made use of in Montessori class or in your home to instruct youngsters geometric ideas. The Pink Tower is a collection of 10 finished cyndrical tubes that are made use of to instruct youngsters concerning quantity, amount, and also dimension. The cyndrical tubes are positioned in a … Read more

Ikea Hack: DIY Montessori Learning Tower for Less! (Seriously Easy)

Montessori learning tower ikea hack

Looking to ditch the high-priced learning towers and get your little explorer involved in daily activities? Here’s your secret weapon: Ikea! Their affordable furniture is perfect for creating a DIY Montessori learning tower – a sturdy structure that lets your child safely explore the world alongside you. But wait, there’s more! This isn’t just about … Read more

How To Learn Montessori Multiplication Tables

Learn Montessori Multiplication Tables

Multiplication is a fundamental math skill that children will use throughout their lives. The Montessori method makes it possible to teach multiplications in a creative and interactive way, using materials specifically designed for this. Follow these few tips to teach the times tables to your child in a simple and fun way. This way, learning … Read more