The Best Montessori IKEA Hidden Gems You ACTUALLY Need At Home (2024)

Crafting a Montessori-inspired space with IKEA marries the brand’s hallmark simplicity and affordability with the Montessori ethos of child-centric, accessible design. IKEA’s minimalist yet versatile offerings perfectly complement the Montessori focus on fostering independence, creativity, and sensory engagement.

This guide is designed to streamline the selection process, offering insights into integrating IKEA’s range to enhance your child’s learning environment. It focuses on promoting key Montessori principles such as self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.

Thoughtfully incorporating IKEA can seamlessly integrate into a Montessori-inspired environment at home, supporting the developmental needs and educational goals of children. Through careful selection, parents and educators can create a space that nurtures a child’s natural desire to learn, explore, and grow independently.

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Ingenious Storage Solutions

must have ikea montessori storage solutions

Montessori environments emphasize independence through meticulously prepared spaces, making storage solutions crucial for self-guided learning. IKEA’s shelving units, bins, and baskets, designed for simplicity and functionality, perfectly align with the Montessori ethos of organized and accessible spaces. These options enable children to independently access and manage their materials, fostering responsibility and a personalized learning environment.

Modular Shelving and Units

In a Montessori-inspired home, modular shelving and units are essential for creating an organized and flexible living space. These versatile storage solutions empower caregivers to tailor environments that evolve with a child’s developmental stages. They enable kids to independently access, engage with, and manage their learning materials and toys. This autonomy fosters self-directed learning and instills a sense of responsibility towards their environment.

Product Description Application
KALLAX Shelving Units Customizable units for all storage needs. Enhances space organization and item accessibility.
TROFAST Toys Storage Units Flexible systems for toy and material storage. Boosts cleanup involvement and independent choices.
TROFAST Boxes & Lids Organizes toys and materials, ensuring easy access to TROFAST storage. Streamlines finding and returning of items.
KALLAX Insert Adds organized sections to KALLAX units. Keeps areas clutter-free, aids in item retrieval.
  • KALLAX Shelving Units: These customizable shelves are a must-have for designing any Montessori-inspired space at home. These shelves, great for books, puzzles, and display items, ensure everything is visible and reachable for little ones. Their flexible design supports a clutter-free learning environment, encouraging children’s independence and decision-making in selecting and tidying their toys.
  • TROFAST Toys Storage Units : These essential IKEA storage units are a game-changer for every Montessori-inspired home. Thanks to customizable bins, these units are the backbone of general storage, allowing for the organized arrangement of toys, books, and learning materials, making them easily accessible to children.
  • KALLAX Insert with Shelves: Ideal for organizing puzzles and toys, transforming cubby space into neatly divided sections. This keeps play areas clutter-free and ensures everything is within reach for little hands.
  • TROFAST Boxes & Lids: facilitate organization and easy access for children, streamlining the process of finding and returning toys, supplies, and learning materials, promoting orderly habits and self-sufficiency in young learners.

Bins, Boxes, and Baskets

The Montessori method underscores the significance of a well-ordered environment, where bins, boxes, and baskets are crucial for maintaining organization. These storage options offer straightforward solutions for categorizing items, making it simpler for children to understand and apply organizational principles. This clarity and accessibility encourage children to respect their possessions and communal areas, reinforcing orderly habits from a young age.

Product Description Application
FRYKEN Box Set with Lid Natural seagrass boxes for aesthetic storage. Ideal for craft supplies or small toys.
KNAGGLIG Box Durable pine box for heavier storage needs. Suits larger toys or outdoor toys.
LABBSAL Basket Flexible basket for versatile storage. Great for linens to plush toys, adding warmth.
DRÖNJÖNS Storage Box Sleek, space-efficient storage box. Perfect for art supplies or self-care items.
MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge Unique solution for front-facing books or toy organization. Makes items accessible, encourages reading.
SORTERA Recycling Bin with Lid Bin used for toy storage, stackable with foldable lid. Enhances space efficiency, promotes order.
  • FRYKEN Box Set with Lid: Adds a touch of nature to storage, ideal for neatly tucking away craft items or tiny treasures.
  • KNAGGLIG Box: A durable pine construction offers robust storage for larger toys or outdoor gear.
  • LABBSAL Basket: Blends softness with resilience, versatile for storing a wide range of items and bringing a cozy feel to any space.
  • DRÖNJÖNS Storage Box: A sleek, space-efficient solution for organizing art essentials or self-care products.
  • MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge: Offers a unique solution for holding front-facing books or organizing toys, making them easily accessible to children.
  • SORTERA Recycling Bin with Lid: A bin that can be creatively used as toy storage, with a foldable lid for easy access and stackable design for space efficiency.

Mobile and Wall-Mounted Solutions

Mobility and accessibility are fundamental in Montessori settings to promote exploration and interaction with the environment. Mobile storage units provide the flexibility needed for children to adapt their play areas as they see fit, fostering a sense of ownership and independence. Wall-mounted solutions keep essential materials within arm’s reach, further supporting a child’s autonomy and eagerness to engage in learning activities through direct interaction.

Product Description Application
FLISAT Toy Storage Cart Mobile unit for toy and material storage. Flexible, accessible storage.
FLISAT Wall Storage Wall-mounted unit for essential items and books. Encourages independent access.
SKÅDIS Pegboard Customizable pegboard for tools and supplies. Organizes sensory activities.
KVISSLE Letter Tray Tray with pull-out sections for material organization. Simplifies puzzle and material sorting.
  • FLISAT Toy Storage on Wheels: A mobile storage unit that can be easily moved, offering flexible storage for toys and materials.
  • FLISAT Wall Storage: This wall storage unit provides a practical solution for setting up a reading nook or for frequently used items, keeping them within sight and reach of young learners. This encourages children to independently access and engage with materials.
  • SKÅDIS Pegboard: Offers a customized organizational system for tools, craft supplies, and more. Combined with containers and accessories, it’s perfect for arranging pens, scissors, and various materials for sensory table activities, creating an organized and efficient learning space.
  • KVISSLE Letter Tray: This cleverly designed tray keeps learning materials and puzzles handy. The pull-out compartments make sorting and accessing educational playthings a breeze for toddlers.

Specialized Storage and Displays

The Montessori approach places a strong emphasis on creating functional and engaging learning environments that cater to the developmental needs of children. Through the use of mobile storage units, wall-mounted solutions, and customized organizational systems, these spaces become hubs of independent exploration and discovery. Such environments encourage children to interact with their materials freely, promoting self-guided learning and the development of organizational skills from a young age.

Product Description Application
FLISAT Doll House/Wall Shelf Dual-purpose dollhouse and shelf. Fuels imagination, offers storage.
BERGIG Book Display with Storage Bookshelf for visible, accessible reading materials. Encourages early literacy in a kid-friendly setup.
FRUKTSKAL Tray Bamboo tray for material organization. Eases activity setup, encourages independence.
SUNNERSTA Container Attachable containers for varied storage. Convenient for storing small items, promotes order.
BAGGMUCK Shoe Tray Repurposed tray for toys or wooden materials storage. Keeps play areas organized, simplifies cleanup.
KOMPLEMENT Multi-use Hanger Versatile hanger for clothes or toys. Keeps play areas neat, supports self-care.
  • FLISAT Doll House/Wall Shelf: Serves a dual purpose by sparking imaginative play and offering functional storage space.
  • BERGIG Book Display with Storage: Making books more visible and accessible, this bookshelf encourages early literacy in a child-friendly setup.
  • FRUKTSKAL Tray: A bamboo tray perfect for organizing activity-specific materials. Its design facilitates easy transport and setup of activities, promoting self-directed learning.
  • SUNNERSTA Container: These containers attach to any rail, rod or pegboard, offering a convenient spot for storing art supplies, small toys, or even outdoor treasures collected during play.
  • BAGGMUCK Shoe Tray: Though intended as a shoe tray, it can be repurposed for storing toys or wooden materials, keeping play areas organized.
  • KOMPLEMENT Multi-use Hanger: Not just for organizing clothes, this multi-use hanger can display a plush toy collection or dress-up costumes, encouraging children to keep their play area orderly.

Tips: Utilize labels or pictures on TROFAST bins and KALLAX boxes to help children identify where items belong, fostering their ability to organize independently. Keep frequently used items on lower shelves to enhance accessibility. Incorporate a mix of open and closed storage to teach children about categorizing and tidying up their spaces.

Irresistible Playroom & Learning Areas

must have ikea montessori playroom finds

In Montessori environments, playrooms and learning areas are seamlessly blended to offer children a harmonious balance of play and educational opportunities. These spaces are designed to stimulate creativity, spark curiosity, and foster the development of practical life skills. By incorporating child-friendly furniture and tools that cater to the unique needs of young learners, such as versatile tables, imaginative play kitchens, and creative easels, these areas become vibrant centers for exploration and discovery. Carefully curated to encourage active engagement and focused concentration, they lay the foundation for a deep-seated passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Product Description Application
FLISAT Children’s Table Adjustable table with storage bins. Encourages sensory play and tidiness.
LÄTT Children’s Table and 2 Chairs Cozy set for dining, crafting, or studying. Designed for child-size comfort.
POÄNG Children’s Armchair Comfortable seat for relaxation and reading. Supports choice in rest and activity.
MÅLA Easel Double-sided easel for painting and drawing. Fuels creativity with endless possibilities.
MÅLA Drawing Paper Roll Continuous paper supply for the MÅLA easel or standalone use. Ensures a steady supply of materials.
DUNDRA Play Table with Storage Play table with storage compartment. Promotes organized play and easy cleanup.
KLIPSK Bed Tray Versatile tray for floor activities. Enhances play or study with a stable surface.
NISSEDAL Mirror Mirror for nurseries, enhancing self-awareness. Suitable for common areas and nurseries.
OSTBIT Plate Holder Bamboo holder for books or activity organization. Adds innovative element to Montessori settings.
FLISAT Children’s Stool Durable stool for seating or reaching. Complements FLISAT series, fosters independence.
PLUFSIG Folding Gym Mat Cushioned mat for safe play or rest. Ensures safety during active playtime.
  • FLISAT Children’s Table: Features height adjustability and built-in bins, this table provides the perfect space for sensory play and organized storage, encouraging exploration and tidiness.
  • LÄTT Children’s Table and 2 Chairs: This table and chair set offers a cozy environment for dining, crafting, or studying, perfectly designed at child size.
  • POÄNG Children’s Armchair: This children’s armchair provides a comfortable, child-sized seat for relaxation and reading, supporting autonomy in choosing rest and activity.
  • MÅLA Easel & Drawing Paper Roll: Supporting creativity with a double-sided design, this easel invites children to paint and draw. Paired with the drawing paper roll, it ensures a steady supply of materials for endless artistic endeavors.
  • DUNDRA Play Table with Storage: Featuring an integrated storage compartment beneath a white/grey tabletop, it offers a dedicated space for play and learning activities. Its design encourages organized play with easy clean-up, making it an excellent choice for Montessori-inspired spaces.
  • KLIPSK Playing Tray: Adaptable for various floor activities, this bed tray enhances play or study, providing a stable surface anywhere children choose.
  • NISSEDAL Mirror: Ideal for nurseries and common areas, this mirror enhances babies’ self-awareness.
  • OSTBIT Plate Holder: Repurposed for displaying books or organizing activities, this plate holder adds a practical and innovative element to Montessori environments.
  • PLUFSIG Folding Gym Mat: Offers a safe, cushioned area for active play or rest, ensuring babies’ safety during playtime.
  • FLISAT Children’s Stool: A durable and child-friendly stool that complements the FLISAT series, perfect for seating or reaching for independence.

Tips: Keep materials accessible at the child’s level to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Define distinct areas for various activities to help children focus and engage more deeply with tasks. Regularly rotating activities keeps the environment fresh and challenging. Incorporating elements from nature and ample movement space enhances the overall learning experience.

Efficient & Practical Life Materials

must have ikea montessori pratical life materials

Practical life tools in Montessori education, such as step stools and play kitchens, are pivotal for teaching children essential skills through hands-on experiences. These items encourage independence, support daily activity participation, and boost self-confidence. By engaging with tools designed for their size, children enhance their autonomy and coordination, laying the foundation for lifelong practical skills.

Product Description Application
SMÅSTAD Wardrobe with Pull-out Unit Wardrobe with easy-access pull-out unit. Simplifies storage, making clothes accessible.
DUKTIG Play Kitchen Miniature kitchen for role-playing. Encourages independence and responsibility.
BEKVÄM Step Stool Step stool for reaching higher places. Promotes autonomy, can be hacked into a learning tower.
FLISAT Knob Rack with 4 Knobs Child-height rack for hanging items. Organizes belongings, teaches tidiness.
DRÖMMARE Mirror Child-safe mirror for self-exploration. Perfect for nursery or nido environments.
MARIATHERES Children’s Apron Apron for clean cooking and crafting. Encourages mess-free active participation.
APTITLIG Cutting Board Bamboo cutting board for kids’ cooking activities. Supports hands-on learning, practical skills.
PÅBJUDA Whisk Set of 2 stainless steel whisks for cooking. Involves children in meal prep, enhances skills.
FABLER 3-piece Flatware Set Child-sized flatware set for self-feeding. Encourages autonomy in eating and table manners.
POKAL Glass Clear glass suitable for children. Promotes independence, careful handling.
LOCKIG Children’s Potty Easy-to-use potty for toilet training. Supports independence in toilet training.
  • SMÅSTAD Wardrobe with Pull-out Unit: This wardrobe simplifies storage with its pull-out unit, making clothes easily accessible to children.
  • DUKTIG Play Kitchen: This miniature kitchen allows children to engage in role-playing, mimicking adult activities in a safe, accessible manner, encouraging independence and responsibility.
  • BEKVÄM Step Stool: Enables children to independently access sinks, countertops, or shelves independently. it can be creatively combined with the ODDVAR stool, transforming it into a learning tower through an innovative IKEA hack.
  • FLISAT Knob Rack with 4 Knobs: Placed at child-friendly heights, it maximize space and organize hanging items like aprons, bags, or small tools. This not only keeps the space tidy but also teaches children to take care of their belongings.
  • DRÖMMARE Mirror: Perfect for nursery or nido settings, this soft plastic-framed, child-safe mirror enables kids to explore their reflections and boosts self-awareness.
  • MARIATHERES Children’s Apron: Protects clothing during culinary or craft activities, promoting active involvement without worry about messes.
  • APTITLIG Cutting Board: A bamboo cutting board that can be used in children’s cooking activities, supporting hands-on learning and practical life skills.
  • PÅBJUDA Whisk: A set of 2 stainless steel whisks, perfect for involving children in cooking activities, promoting independence and fine motor skills.
  • FABLER 3-piece Flatware Set: A child-sized flatware set that encourages children to develop self-feeding skills and table manners.
  • POKAL Glass: A clear glass suitable for children, promoting independence and careful handling of kitchenware.
  • LOCKIG Children’s Potty: Simplifies the toilet training process with its user-friendly design, supporting children’s journey to independence.

Tips: Design areas that simulate real-life environments, like kitchens, to inspire role-playing and practical skill development. Create accessible stations for water activities or cleaning, allowing children to practice daily living skills safely. Display tools and materials in an organized manner to encourage children to choose their activities, supporting their independence and decision-making.

Creative Sleeping Area

must have ikea montessori bedroom furnitures

In a Montessori home, the bedroom is thoughtfully designed to foster independence and self-care, going beyond just a place for sleep. It’s a space where comfort, accessibility, and support are paramount, allowing children to easily manage their rest environments. This approach to the sleeping area respects and nurtures a child’s growing need for autonomy, creating a supportive backdrop for their overall development.

Product Description Application
UNDERLIG Mattress Comfortable child-specific foam mattress. Promotes restful sleep, aids development.
LURÖY Slatted Bed Base Air-circulating slatted bed base. Complements low beds, supports autonomy.
KURA Reversible Bed Versatile, low-height reversible bed. Encourages independence in sleeping spaces.
  • UNDERLIG Mattress: Specifically designed for children, offering the right balance of comfort and support for growing bodies. Its foam composition adapts to the child’s weight and shape, ensuring a restful sleep that supports their development.
  • LURÖY Slatted Bed Base: Paired with the UNDERLIG mattress, the LURÖY slatted bed base provides a sturdy foundation that promotes air circulation for the mattress, contributing to a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Its design complements low-profile bed frames, making it easier for children to climb in and out of bed independently, a key aspect of Montessori principles that encourage autonomy.
  • KURA Reversible Bed: This smartly designed reversible bed can be easily converted into a bunk bed setup, incorporating a low-height floor bed to improve a child’s autonomy and safety in the sleeping area. This innovative configuration offers the flexibility needed to meet a growing child’s need for independence and secure rest.

Tips: Opt for low-height beds to ensure easy access for children, fostering their autonomy. Soft lighting and calming colors can make the space more inviting, supporting a peaceful transition to sleep. Providing manageable bedding options empowers children to prepare their sleeping space, reinforcing responsibility and self-care practices.

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