Montessori Color Tablets: A Spectrum of Sensory Learning

montessori color tablets

The Montessori Color Tablets, often meticulously crafted as DIY Montessori Color Tablets by children, are more than just a collection of colored tiles. These materials serve a profound purpose in the Montessori pedagogy. They are designed to refine a child’s visual discrimination skills, enabling them to distinguish between subtle variations in hue. Through interaction with … Read more

Montessori Thermic Tablets: The Secret Weapon for Sensory Play

thermic tablets montessori sensorial

The Montessori Thermic Tablets offer a unique sensory experience, pivotal for cultivating a child’s thermic sense. These specialized tools, while less renowned than other Montessori materials, are instrumental in developing tactile sensitivity and the ability to discern temperature nuances. This guide delves into the origins, objectives, and advantages of the Thermic Tablets, highlighting their crucial … Read more

Montessori Trinomial Cube Explained

Montessori material Trinomial Cube

The Montessori Trinomial Cube is an excellent sensorial material used in Montessori classrooms worldwide. This hinged wooden box contains 27 colored wooden blocks, consisting of three cubes and 24 prisms. The Trinomial Cube is not just a puzzle for children; it has a specific purpose in a Montessori classroom. In this article, we will explore … Read more

The Secrets Of Montessori Knobbed Cylinders

Knobbed Cylinders montessori math material

Montessori education is based on the principle that children learn best through hands-on, sensory experiences. One of the key materials used in Montessori classrooms to provide these experiences is the knobbed cylinder. In this blog post, we’ll explore the presentation, purpose, benefits, and age-appropriate use of knobbed cylinders in Montessori learning material. What are Montessori … Read more

Montessori Pink Tower Explained (Purpose, Benefits, How To Use & Exercices)

montessori pink tower

The Montessori Pink Tower is a sensorial product made use of in Montessori class or in your home to instruct youngsters geometric ideas. The Pink Tower is a collection of 10 finished cyndrical tubes that are made use of to instruct youngsters concerning quantity, amount, and also dimension. The cyndrical tubes are positioned in a … Read more