Munari Mobile

The Munari Mobile is the first in the series of Montessori visual mobiles introduced to infants from birth to about 6 weeks old. Named after Bruno Munari, an Italian artist and designer who contributed to its design, the Munari Mobile features high-contrast black and white geometric shapes and patterns, along with a transparent sphere that reflects light. This combination of elements is specifically designed to cater to newborns’ visual capabilities, as they are more sensitive to contrast and simple patterns during the early weeks of life.

The high-contrast design of the Munari Mobile supports the development of the infant’s visual focus and tracking skills, drawing their attention to the shapes as they move gently in the air. The mobile’s simplicity and elegance encourage concentration and provide a calm and engaging visual stimulus for the baby. By introducing the child to the beauty of geometric forms and the interplay of light and shadow, the Munari Mobile lays the foundation for visual and aesthetic development in accordance with Montessori principles.