Gobbi Mobile

The Gobbi Mobile is one of the Montessori mobiles designed for infants around 6 to 16 weeks old, focusing on visual development and depth perception. It consists of five spheres, usually made of yarn or another textured material, each in a different shade of the same color, ranging from light to dark. The spheres are suspended at varying heights, creating a gradient effect that invites the infant to explore visual tracking and focus. The gradual change in color intensity helps refine the baby’s ability to discern subtle differences in color and depth, supporting early visual discrimination skills.

The Gobbi Mobile is carefully introduced after the Munari and the Octahedron mobiles, as part of the Montessori visual mobile series, offering a more complex visual challenge to the developing child. Its design embodies the Montessori principles of simplicity, beauty, and meeting the developmental needs of the child, providing a calm and focused visual exploration activity that stimulates concentration and visual skills from a very young age.